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Business Golf Concierge Explained



Business Golf Concierge – a unique golf solution that can reside comfortably within your annual business entertaining budget. Enjoying world-class golf, outstanding amenities and exceptional service that ClubLink is known for will lead to many lasting and memorable experiences for you and your guests.


Opening a Business Golf Concierge (BGC) account gives you access to more than 40 golf and hospitality venues in Ontario, Quebec and Florida. Simply estimate your annual company-wide spend on golf and related expenses, request your BGC annual fee invoice that reflects your spend, make a deposit, and you're ready to get started.

Depending on the amount of your initial deposit, a certain number of company delegates will be named as authorized users of the account. For example: a deposit of $10,000 equates to two delegates, $20,000 for four delegates, etc.. 

Similar to being a full golf member, your company delegates can book tee times at any location, subject to availability up to five days in advance. Tee times are accessible Monday to Friday anytime, and after noon on weekends and holidays. The normal booking window can be extended in special circumstances such as group outings or when clients are visiting from out of town.

All regular bookings can be made online, through the call centre or through your Business Golf Concierge.

Any special needs for welcome gifts, meeting rooms, dining reservations etc. can also be made through your Concierge.

Your authorized company delegates are able to charge green fees for themselves and guests, carts, food and beverage, etc. to the company account. All charges draw against your initial BGC deposit. Your company receives a monthly account statement to reconcile charges.

Talk to us today and find the solution that's right for your business.



Marie Witten